Just Take My Wallet Already

If you listened to this week's episode of Pixels Weekly, it's here just in case, then you know that I have a problem! The guys asked me a question and it involved how much I spent on toys or how many toys I have. I don't know the hard number for either one, I really do need to keep inventory. However, I have decided to share with you all some items on my wish list and some of my collection.

On the wish list:

On this week's episode, I talked about Pokémon Day, February 27th and the release of some commemorative figures. The above figures are a part of the first wave of Pokémon toys. Each one will retail for $16.99 and can be found on pokemoncenter.com. Fun fact, they are called "Gallery Figures".

The above is the Funko Pop! Reaper. I already have three of him. However, this one is a BoxLunch Exclusive and I kinda really want it. This bad boy retails for $12.90

My Collection:

Here are some pictures of my collection! 

You have all heard that I spent a lot of money on Jim Raynor for my fiancee and I did! I am obsessed with the Funko Pop! Overwatch characters, as you can tell. I also really like plushies. 

If you are curious where you I bought some of these collectibles. These are my favorite sites:

Valve's online store
Blizzard's Gear store

Have thoughts? Let us know below!