Gallery – Destiny Ghost Vinyl (Target Exclusive)

So, I'll be saving my impressions of Destiny 2 for the next Pixels Weekly podcast, but I thought I'd share that today a colleague on a Target run was nice enough to help me get my hands on the the Destiny Ghost Vinyl, a Target exclusive.

You may remember the Ghost from Destiny as being voiced by Peter Dinklage, from Game of Thrones, who was later replaced with Uncharted's Nathan Drake voice actor Nolan North, both getting to share the infamous line "That Wizard came from the moon!", a derided line that later was used on a t-shirt to raise money for charity.

It surprised me that it was so large, it seems to be a 1:1 replica and a steal at only $13 USD. Check out the gallery below.

How does Nolan North, the new voice of Destiny's Ghost, compare to the original performance from Peter Dinklage? Decide for yourself with this comparison video.