The International 7 Swag

Hey, listeners! Sandy here!

As you all know, I have a fondness for esports. What you may not know is that I tend to prefer spectating games over playing them. One of my favorite games to spectate is DOTA 2. As some of you may have heard on our podcast, The International 7 was THE event for DOTA 2. It’s their world cup and folks come from all over the world to watch the best of the best battle it out for a chance to take the Aegis home (The Aegis is their trophy). However, there is something else that draws people to the Key Arena in Seattle and that is the Secret Shop.

In the game, the Secret Shop is where the heroes go to purchase items that will give them an in game advantage. During TI, the Secret Shop is a place where fans can purchase items to commemorate their experience. Unlike other conventions or gaming events, the items in the Secret Shop go on sale to attendees first but then they become available to the public. If you don’t have a ticket, you don’t miss out on the new items. Below you will find some of the items that debuted at this year’s Secret Shop. 

This year, we saw the debut of a new line of blind box collectibles, the Dotakins! These cuties were designed by Workshop Contributor Chroneco. I purchased three of these and luckily, as you can see in the video above, I did not get any duplicates. I also did get the one I really, really wanted. Roshan and the cheese! 

Packaging Dotakins Front

Packaging Dotakins Side

Packaging Dotakins Side

Pictured Tidehunter to the left, Dotakins Emoticons code in the middle and Slardar to the right. 

In previous years, the Micro Plush are the blind box toys that come with codes. This year, the Dotakins all come with a code for the emoticons that can be redeemed in game. I did purchase two micro plush boxes as well. Unlike the four previous series, five did not come with an in game code. 

I did get the super rare chase, Io and the normal Bounty Hunter

Series Five Micro Plush Box and Io

Bounty Hunter and Io

I love the micro plush and while you can’t see it in these pictures, Io has a light that changes colors between red and blue. It’s pretty dope. I know, the LED light will eventually die but for now I’m okay with it. 

The last thing I bought from the Secret Shop, so far, is Spirit Breaker! This cranky space cow (just kidding) is hands down super adorable. I also don’t know the fascination between games and plush collectibles. Both Blizzard and Valve make a bunch of plush collectibles; one day we’ll know why. 

Sprit Breaker Front

Sprit Breaker Back

There is a lot more that I want to get from this collection and I will. If you want to add any of these or others to your own collection, visit the Valve Store by clicking here. Do you have a favorite? Is there something that you would pass on? Let me know in the comments below.