Podcast E3 2016 Day 2 - Microsoft, Sony, and Ubisoft Conference Recaps


Xbox One S, Gears of War 4 looks fantastic, Xbox Play Anywhere, Forza 3 goes uphill, ReCore makes us Re-care, RAAM invades Killer Instinct, Gwent is real, Minecraft is everywhere, Tekken 7 is very Tekken, Dead Rising 4 returns to Colorado, Scalebound features Beats by Dre, State of Decay two could be multiplayer, Only Ryan wants Halo Wars 2, Project Scorpio is 6 Teraflops. Teraflops have been determined to be clumsy dinosaurs.


Good God - God of War, The Last Guardian: Sandy was Right, More FFXV, Detroit looks intense, and varied, Horizon Zero Dawn has crafting and dialogue tree’s, Resident Evil is Scary Again! Day’s Gone is as if The Last of Us and Fallout had a baby, speaking of babies, Normal Reeds had one, or maybe not, be he has the scars to prove it, Insominac’s making a Sony exclusive Spiderman game, and 50 reasons you should buy Playstation VR


For Honor Looks cool, so stop making games like Watchdogs. Please…