Drink When You Hear "Exclusive" (Ep. 015)

The Crew takes a trip down memory lane talking about the history of E3, the Electronics Entertainment Expo, and how it went from an after thought to of CES to the gaming industry juggernaut it is today, as well as drum up the past with stories of memorable announcements, that are not necessarily memorable for reasons we’d like. For Haugepauge, Ryan beat DOOM and bought a Retron 5, Sandy fights her cat as she dishes on The Sims new cross dressing update, and Yannick’s brain is being crushed from all era’s with the new Witness de-make on the internet The WIT.NES. Also the group takes a first stab at “Steamed Gamer” where they read negative Steam reviews for beloved games. 

The next few episodes wont be officially numbered, nor will they be necessary on Sunday alone, Instead, buckle up for E3 Week on the show, and try this fun Conference drinking game, every time someone mentions “Exclusive” take a drink.


The Retron 5 - Play old games, the legal way, with modern bonuses! — http://hyperkin.com/Retron5/

The WIT.NES de-make — https://dustmop.itch.io/the-witnes

The Sims latest patch — http://www.theverge.com/2016/6/2/11838356/sims-4-update-gender-hairstyles-voice-clothing-options

YouTube E3 Live Stream — https://www.youtube.com/user/E3