E3 Predictions Draft 2017 (Ep. 063)

The Crew is assembling teams to see who will win E3. Join us on Twitch next weekend to catch our after conference reactions and to see if Team Sandy, Team Yannick or Team Ryan win our E3 Fantasy Predictions -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/pixelsweekly

E3 2017 Predictions Draft

Ryan's Picks

  • Bethesda will announce a new Wolfenstein and Evil Within
  • MARIO and Rabbids are announced and a joke is made about the leaks
  • Crackdown is finally shown in more detail and gets a 2017 release date
  • Sea of thieves is shown and given a release window, is announced as free to play
  • Microsoft shows a sequel to Sunset Overdrive, coming in 2019
  • Sony shows off two AAA titles with VR compatibility
  • Microsoft announces original Xbox compatibility, OG Xbox games will be on the game pass service
  • Naughty Dog has a short last of us 2 demo to end sony's conference again

Yannick's Picks

  • There's a new assassin's creed set in Egypt misses 2017
  • Nintendo will announce SNES Classic and virtual console titles for the Eshop
  • Death Stranding is shown again with a release date before 2019
  • Super smash for switch is announced with some new Nintendo characters added to the roster
  • Destiny 2 is shown on Scorpio running at 4K, Microsoft announced 60fps
  • Sony doesn't show vita at all, mentions it less than three times
  • Microsoft shows a teaser for Halo 6, and shows us some other halo related announcement
  • God of war gets a release date, in the next 12 months, Days gone will release this year

Sandy's Picks

  • Pokémon Stars is real gets a release date (announced released window)
  • Microsoft has a new IP by a first party studio that we see a trailer for, it's not a shooter
  • Rocksteady announces a new game that is a DC superhero game
  • Sonys Spider-Man exclusive game is shown and gets a release window before 2019
  • Nintendo shows off Animal Crossing on Mobile, releases this year
  • Scorpio announces a partnership with oculus with some existing titles coming in the next 12 months
  • Project scorpios name is revealed as the Xbox Elite or Xbox Pro, price starts less than $601
  • EA finally shows a details or a trailer of the Amy Hennig Star Wars game, sets it during the original trilogy time period